This grumpy looking guy has a story to tell!

This grumpy looking guy has a story to tell!

Some of my favorite books and stories are written from an animal’s point of view.

Mark Twain published  “A Dog’s Tale” in 1903. It begins in typical, humorous Twain style: “My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian.” I’m not sure if Twain was the first to publish using an animal’s POV, but it is a trend that has continued to the present day.

The classic Watership Down is written from a rabbit’s point of view, and you might have grown up reading Bunniculla, another rabbit POV story.  Or, you might have read Beverly Cleary’s series Ralph the Mouse, which is told from Ralph’s perspective.

More recently, Garth Stein published the bestseller The Art of Racing in the Rain which is told from a dog’s perspective.

And don’t forget all the movies with only animals such as Finding Nemo, Lady and the Tramp, or The Lion King. This list could go on for pages.

Can you write a story from an animal’s POV?

If you want to try, think of an animal. It could be a dog or it could be a fantastic magical creature like a dragon or unicorn.

Write a story from this animal’s POV. Think about how their thoughts differ from human introspection, or do they?