writing prompt

Imagine a GREAT story….starting with someone else’s words. Copyright: aparagraph / 123RF Stock Photo

I’ve used this creative writing prompt with groups of teen writers several times, and the results are always fun – in fact this is one of their favorite prompts.

First, think of your favorite number, preferably one below twenty. You will use this number in every step of this writing prompt.

Next go the a bookshelf that holds fiction.

Start at the right end of the bookshelf and count the books. When you get to your number, choose that book.

Open the book up to the same buy wellbutrin without prescription page as your number.

Start at the bottom of this page and count the lines up until you get to your number.

Find the beginning of the sentence that is in this line.

Write down that sentence. This is the first line of your new story.

Write a 300-500 word story that starts with that line.

This is also a great writing warm-up to get your creativity flowing.

When you’re done, share your first line in the comments below. You can share your story in either the forums on the share a story page.