Can you make him a hero?

Can you make this guy a hero?

Have you ever known someone that you felt got either more or less physically attractive the better you got to know them?

For example, when you first met them, maybe you thought they were average looking. But as you got to know them and became friends, they somehow seemed to get better looking. On the flip side, you might have met someone who you found super attractive but then discovered that you didn’t care for their personality. Somehow, they became less good looking.

For better or for worse, our personalities somehow impacts physicality and how attractive we find people. For this prompt, let’s use that phenomenon.

First, create a character that is physically unattractive in some way, possibly even repulsive. Describe them in detail. It might be one feature that makes them physically unattractive or perhaps this character has a variety of physical imperfections.

Next, describe their personality and give them the traits and emotional characteristics of someone you truly like and admire.

This is actually a fairly common strategy. Think of Shrek, Princess Fiona, or the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Is this a character you could use in a story? Share you sketch and thoughts in the comments below.