This weekend, I started revising my novel. I finished it in August, had a few people read it, got their feedback, and then set it all aside for the past five months. The novel is two complementary narratives, a contemporary story that frames a historical story.

I’ve decided that setting it aside was a great idea. I read the contemporary section with completely fresh eyes this weekend. There were parts I had forgotten, parts I loved, and parts I wondered what I was thinking when I wrote order wellbutrin xl online them. Perhaps most surprising was my use of the word “just.” I used it 3-4 times . . . per page!!

I had no idea how much I over-used it, in fact, I removed over 120 unnecessary uses of it.

What is your favorite “over-used” word? Do you have one? If you don’t think you do, read through your latest work-in-progress and see if you can identify it. If you can, post it below. It would be fun to see what we all use.