Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Ah summertime . . . no school . . . we have all the time in the world to write.

Right? Maybe?

How many of you start the summer with big writing plans but then get sidetracked with . . . whatever it is you manage to get busy with besides writing?

Maybe it’s watching TV, reading, laying on the grass and staring at the clouds, working . . . whatever.

Or maybe, hopefully, you’re making phenomenal progress on your creative writing endeavors. If so, have you established a routine to get it done?

I found this post on Brainpickings.org, a great site that has articles on “interestingness.” This piece details famous writers’ routines. You can check it out and see what you think. Here are some of my favorites:

• Ray Bradbury wrote everyday at the typewriter from the time he was twelve years old.
• E.B. White wrote in the living room with all the chaos of his family surrounding him.
• Ernest Hemingway started writing first thing in the morning when the house was nice and cool.
• Maya Angelou also writes in the morning.

So what is your writing routine? Does it change in the summer when you’re out of school or does it stay the same?
Let us know in the comments below.