Sometimes, we make writing stories really, really complicated. In fact, I think we often make it much more complicated than it needs to be. One of my students, and founding WTW member, reminded me of this lesson this week when he shared this great little video he created. It’s all of one minute and 15 seconds long, yet it tells a whole story.

How did he do that? He included the most important elements that, when broken down, aren’t that complicated at all. He has a character with a conflict, that’s it.

What else does this story have besides a good character and conflict? He’s got a setting which also alerts us to the fact that the main character is a private eye. He’s introduces a secondary character when we see the terrified secretary.

He’s got the climax and resolution all tied up together when the PI has his fit, and we realize that he’s searching for Waldo which adds the humor and irony. We’ve ALL been there, searching for Waldo or even our keys and we completely “get” this guy’s frustration, but we also assume that a PI will be looking for something HUGE, not . . . Waldo.

While there’s certainly more that could be added, I think Sean nailed it here with the basics.

Thanks to Sean for sharing this little video. You can see the rest of his work here. I hope you check it out!

In the comments below, share your favorite part of this little story.