Point of view, or POV,  is the perspective in which a story is told. There are three types of POV. In first person, the main character tells the story and uses “I.” In third person limited, the POV is limited to one character, but that character is referred to as he/she/they. In third person omniscient, the POV can switch between characters but is also told using he/she/they, but in omniscient we also find out what each character is thinking, not just what they’re doing.

POV is fun to play with and can have a dramatic impact on your story.

Go grab a favorite novel and choose a paragraph. First, analyze what the POV. Is it first, third limited, or third omniscient? Then, figure out the tense. Is it present buy wellbutrin uk tense or past tense?

Now, re-write it. On your first re-write, switch the POV.

How does that change the feel of the paragraph?

Re-write it again, but this time also change the tense. If the original is in present tense, change it to past tense, and if the original is in past tense, change it to present.

Again, review your paragraph. How does changing the tense change the feel of the paragraph? Which version do you like best?

Finally, go to your work in progress. Repeat the above exercise and change the POV and tense in one paragraph. Do you like one of the new paragraphs better? Why or why not?

Share your thoughts on this exercise in the comments below.