epic teen writing adventureOne of the highlights of this summer was a trip to San Francisco where we decided to have an adventure.

We rented a tandem bicycle and rode it from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge. This might not sound like an adventure, much less an epic adventure, but it was. Let me explain:

  1. We had never ridden a tandem bike.
  2. There were thousands (I swear it was thousands) of people walking on the path, and we had to avoid hitting them but turning was NOT easy!
  3. There were hundreds of other bikers on the path, many of them looking like they were ready to bike in the Tour De France, and they were kind of scary.
  4. There were big giant hills to go up.
  5. I had to ride in back which meant I had ZERO control over any of it – not a great feeling.

Soooo . . . what does this have to do with anything? Especially writing?

It has to do with writing because writing, great writing is about life and the more you can experience life, the more you can add to your writing.

I now know what it feels like to stand on a bridge, high above the water, with icy cold foggy wind blowing in my face. I know how scary it is to go down a hill, with no control. I couldn’t steer. I had no brakes. I had to completely trust my driver which was hard, but now that I’ve had that feeling, I can write about it with an honesty I might not have had before.

It’s okay if you aren’t buy wellbutrin canada going on a vacation – you can easily have an epic adventure at home. Just do something you’ve never done before. Bake a cake or a pie. Draw a picture. Go on a hike. Visit a place in your neighborhood you haven’t ever gone to (be smart here). Dress in an outfit you normally would never wear and go out in public. An epic adventure should somehow push you out of your comfort zone, make you experience the world in a new way.

Not only did I have a new experience, but the entire journey also paralleled writing a piece. We started off wobbly, unsure of how to even ride. When we hit the first hill, we were in the wrong gear, and almost crashed. We had to get off and walk. Sometimes writing a challenging scene can feel like trudging up a hill.

We had trouble passing people and getting up to speed, but once we did? We flew. Just like stories. Sometimes they flow Рevery word  comes easily. And then, you go the wrong way down a one-way street and get pulled over (yep Рthat happened too). Or, in the case of writing, maybe you have to go do your chores which interrupts the beautiful flow of words.

Like riding a tandem bike, writing isn’t always easy. Sometimes I fly; sometimes I crash and have to struggle to get going again. But, I always get back on.

What epic adventures have you had that fueled your creative spirit and writing?

We’d love to hear them in the comments below.