Every few weeks I have conversation with a student that goes something like this: “Mrs. Isaman, I really want to __________, but I can’t. I’m sooo busy, and I have so much that I HAVE to do.”

Generally, whatever is in the ___________ is something that they truly love or really want to do. At fifteen, sixteen, or seventeen years old, they have already decided that they should spend their time on the “should-do’s” rather than the “want-tos.” Have you had this conversation with a friend, coach, teacher, or parent?

I’m not saying that you should blow off all the “should’s” and just have fun, but its far to easy never to get back to the fun stuff when all you focus on is the have to’s.

Every time I hear this, I have to take a deep breath to calm myself, and then I end up pleading with the students to do what buy bupropion xl 300 mg they LOVE, spend time on their passions, not on what they feel like they should do to make somebody else happy. Life is too short!!

I finally started writing at 40 years old, even though I had writerly aspirations as a young girl and teenager. What happened to all those years in between? Life happened, all those things I felt like I should do. I built my life around my job which I’ve finally figured out is backwards. I should have built my job around my LIFE, in which case I would have started writing much earlier than I did.

What do you feel like you must do rather than write? What is more important? What activities push your writing to the back burner or does writing always come first?

Leave a comment below. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this.