Fist pump… it’s Thanksgiving here is the US, a truly great day! There’s the turkey, yummy food, family, and best of all, gratitude.

We have a whole day devoted to saying, “Hey, thanks for great stuff in my life.” That’s pretty cool.

Some of the BEST parts of my life revolve around reading and writing, so I was thinking about how to really SHOW my gratitude for that. There are authors out there, people I’ll probably never meet, who’ve had a profound impact on my life, merely through the awesome stories they wrote.

If you’re a teen writer, I’m guessing you’re a reader too, and you probably have a list of your own amazing authors.

So, on this day of gratitude, why not say “Hey, thanks for writing”?

Here’s a list of ideas on what you can do to show some love to your fav authors. Try one and see if you can make somebody else’s day (and yours) a little bit happier:

1) Write a letter or email thanking your favorite author. This one even has some psychological benefits: reduced depression and higher scores on happiness scales.  Who knew that saying thanks could buy wellbutrin australia make you feel so great?!?

2) Post a super positive review on Goodreads or Amazon for your favorite book. If you have no idea how to write one, check out this post. It has some great advice on how to structure a great review.

3) If you’re not up for writing a review, give your favorite book a five star rating on Goodreads, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Or, go big and hit all three!

4) Give them a shout out on social media – tweet your favorite line or post a pic on Instagram of the cover.

5) Clean out your bookshelves and share some of your favorite books with friends, knowing that there’s a chance you might never see them again. Don’t panic. It’s okay. Share the story love.

If you’re on a roll sharing your gratitude, move beyond your favorite authors and write a letter or poem to a mentor, coach, or friend in which you thank them for something. The best part of this is that it’ll probably make you feel better than the recipient!

If you decide to say “Hey, thanks for writing,” let us know how it goes in the comments below. What did you do?