Writer’s block SUCKS!! We’ve all had it, that hideous feeling when you stare at you screen and . . . nothing. You’re all set to write, you want to write, and nothing comes to you. Unfortunately, this has happened to me enough that I now have several strategies that I use to get past it, and know that yes, it is possible to move past even the worst case of writer’s block.

  1. Talk it out, literally. Shut the door and start “talking” whatever it is you want to write. Have you ever heard of “Talker’s Block”? Me either. While you’re talking, record yourself. There are lots of apps out there for smart phones or your computer that can just record you. My favorite is “Dragon Recorder.” Then, once you’ve dictated whatever scene it is you’re working on, play it back and type it up.
  2. Work on a different story or a totally different genre. If you’re stuck on a fiction piece, write a poem, an essay, a personal narrative, or even a blog post you’d like to submit to WTW for publication!
  3. Do something boring and mundane that you don’t have to think about. I’ll do some chores like laundry or the dishes. When my body starts doing something else, my brain sometimes gets kick-started in a creative direction.
  4. Get up and MOVE. If it’s nice outside, I’ll take a small walk, but if it’s snowy, I’ll just walk around the house or jump on the treadmill for awhile. This is one of the best strategies for me.
  5. Take a break EVERY 90 minutes or so for 10-15 minute. When I first started doing this, I was surprised at how much it helped me to keep going. I usually do one of the activities from above, things I don’t really have to think about like a chore or a brief walk to give my creative muscles a bit of a rest.

What do you do? Share you favorite strategy in the comments below!