We can all decide on a name or occupation for our character, but it’s figuring out how to develop characters into people that our readers love that can be tough. This writing exercise will help you go a little bit deeper with developing the main character in your current piece beyond the basics of gender, age, occupation etc.

Character Development Exercise
First, choose one adjective that describes your main character.

Now, choose one mundane, everyday activity that your character might be doing. For example, she might be doing the dishes, walking to class, or getting a snack. Describe purchase wellbutrin your character doing this activity in such a way that it SHOWS the adjective.

For example, you might decide your character is shy or angry. How could you describe her walking to class or walking to anywhere that would convey her shy character? What would she do? Say? How would she walk, hold her head, hold her bag? Think about all those details and describe them.

When you’re done, post your descriptive piece in the comments below and let us know if this was a helpful exercise.