The Tarot Cipher


I’ve always wanted to write a treasure hunt story, and I adored combining the contemporary with the historical in Overlander’s Daughter, so this women’s fiction includes a treasure hunt for four priceless historical objects.

When Tricia arrives in London for a week long vacation with her daughter, she has a strong sense of deja vu feeling about the Inn where they’re staying. Unable to pinpoint her unease, she acquiesces with her daughter’s request to continue staying there. The hot inn keeper also convinces her that her week might be more exciting than she anticipated.

And it is. But not for the reasons she thinks. After a strange dream and a night filled with one too many pints, she finds, hidden in her attic room, an ancient tarot card with a letter warning the finder to stop their search.

The next morning, she shares her find with Darius the inn keeper. She thinks of the search as innocent folly, until her daughter, Laurel, disappears, and she’s given twenty four hours to produce all four of the priceless Visconti-Sforza tarot cards in order to save her beloved daughter.