The Overlander’s Daughter

Quilt Fiction with a Little Bit of Romance

In 1847, seventeen year old Sarah wants no part of walking two thousand miles behind a wagon to Oregon, but her father leaves her no choice. Following a rape on the Trail, Sarah must either marry her attacker, a man her family favors, or expose him and reveal her own loss of innocence.

She can live with neither option, so she takes her treasured quilt and flees. While she views running as a suicide attempt, she survives and returns to the trail with a different party, an unwanted pregnancy, a budding romance, and a new will to live for her unborn child.

160 years later, twenty-eight year old Harper unearths Sarah’s quilt. It has been passed down to Sarah’s great-granddaughter, Agnes, who is moving into an assisted living facility. Agnes’ last wish is to record the story of her treasured family quilt before it vanishes with her fading memory. Harper agrees to the task and the two women embark on a journey to Agnes’ past as she tells the tale of the quilt.

Throughout the intertwined narratives connected by the quilt, both Sarah and Harper must find the courage to accept their losses and tell the truth despite the consequences honesty brings. In doing so, they both discover a resilience and inner strength they didn’t know they had.

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