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My name is Amy Isaman, and I’m a writer.

I have spent my life as “Amy” to friends and family, various nicknames my big sister concocted throughout our childhood (yes, I answer to Gamer and Amos), “Mom” to my children, Mrs. Isaman to my students, and any number of endearments to my husband, but now, I’m choosing.

At this mid-life point in life, I’m making changes, so here it is . . . I am, Amy Isaman, Writer and Designer.

I used to spend my days in high school teaching freshman English which can be either highly rewarding and entertaining, or horribly grueling and depressing depending on the day – think Shakespeare + fifteen year-olds. I also taught juniors and seniors, Creative Writing and AP Psychology – super fun classes.

Now, I spend my days writing my stories and designing websites for the most amazing clients. I live my life enmeshed in creativity. And I LOVE it.

It took a bit to get back to writing which I abandoned after a particularly horrible creative writing class in college, but I did get there. So far, I have completed one historical fiction novel, The Overlander’s Daughter, a young adult mystery, #Killing It, and a contemporary women’s adventure called The Tarot Cipher. 

You can purchase The Overlander’s Daughterat Amazon.


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

Writer’s Resources

I’m a writing teacher, too.

Spark Your Imagination

Sometimes we need a little prompt to get our writing juices flowing. Or, we need a little writing challenge to improve our skills or get us thinking about story in a new way. Try one of these prompts to get yourself fired up and writing.

Be a Better Writer

Need help on developing your story? You can find help on everything from developing your characters, building a setting, to crafting a compelling plot. Anything and everything to improve your writing in bite-sized pieces.

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