#Killing It

  A Young Adult Murder Mystery

When I completed The Overlander’s Daughter, I wanted to write something completely different…so I did. This story combines my love of a good mystery with another interest, teenagers.

Seventeen-year old Carter has a decent life: normal family (mostly), good grades, and aspirations to be the editor of the school newspaper. But then a childhood friend, Joey, texts a nude photo of his ex-girlfriend, Rylie, and it ends up on everyone’s phone, including Carter’s.

She’s not his type, at all, and he forgets about it…until his math teacher confiscates his phone, teases him by going through the pictures, and discovers the photo. The now “hot” phone gets sent to the office, and when Rylie’s furious parents push for charges and an investigation into where the photo originated, the cops confiscate it for further investigation. No more boring junior year.

Carter doesn’t think life can get much more worse…until it does. After crashing Joey’s party and arguing with him, Joey turns up dead, floating in his swimming pool, and the police aren’t sure it’s an accident. When Carter is questioned, and it becomes clear that he’s at the top of their suspect list, he and Skylar join forces to clear his name…but can he actually solve the crime before the actual murderer stops him?

This novel will be available winter 2018.