By Diego Homem (Unknown) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When I write, I go to one of three favorite places: my corner desk, my comfy chair, or the red napping couch. I don’t nap, but it’s super comfy and a great place to write. I feel inspired in these places, and when I sit down in them, for some reason writing seems easier.

Except sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I struggle to put even one word down, no matter where I am.

During these times, I get up and go somewhere else, a completely new place which will often make writing easier. Where have I gone? A coffee shop, a trail head in the mountains near my house, the backyard, and the kitchen table to name a few.

Try it.

Choose a place where you have never written a word. Take your laptop or your notebook and go there with the sole purpose of writing.

Is it easier? harder? How did your experience of writing change? Did you find a new favorite writing place?

Try it and leave a comment on your experience.