A thank you goes out to Claire McA who nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog Award.  This last week, I neglected my blog in favor of Homecoming Week festivities.  As a high school teacher and mom of teens, it was a busy week, so her kind words about my writing and her nomination boosted my writing spirits.

You might be wondering what, exactly, is a Liebster Award?  I was too, and then I found out its a fun way to “pay it forward” to other “newbie” bloggers out there and showcase a blog you think deserves merit and more followers.  (If you have more than 200 followers, you’re not eligible for this award.)

Of course there is no obligation to take part, but if you’d like to show some Liebster Love, here are the rules:

1.  Link back to the blogger who awarded you.

2.  Tag 3-5 blogs to receive the award.

3.  Inform them of their nomination.

4.  Display the Liebster Award image on your blog.

One element of blogging that I have enjoyed has been participating in this community of writers and making connections with others who are on the same writing journey as me.  Just knowing that someone out there is reading my words, sometimes enough to comment or even like a post, has provided validation and encouragement.  I also so enjoy reading others’ blog posts.  I had no idea this whole world existed, and exploring blogs has become a bit of a hobby.

I’d like to nominate the following blogs for their own Liebster Award.  Click on the links and check out these bloggers insightful and entertaining blogs.

1.  Breaking Books – Susan has combined her love of baking and Young Adult novels.  She writes insightful reviews and then “cooks up” some sort of goodie that the book inspires.  She also blogs about parenting and writing.

2.  Wordsxo – This is another blogger I enjoy who chronicles her journey as a writer.  She is funny and insightful.  One of my favorite features is her Sunday morning video of the same stretch of beach on the coast of Maine.  Since I live in the high desert and have never lived next to the ocean, I have enjoyed watching the changing scenery and weather in her videos.

3.  Enter the Between – Margaret hails from the opposite side of the country, the Central Valley in California, where she blogs about writing, spirituality, and her surroundings.  She also frequently posts lovely pictures that she takes as she walks her dairy farm.